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Hello there! My name is Matt Baker. I am a freelance writer living in Los Angeles.

I grew up in a small town dreaming of the big city. When progress replaced cornfields with parking lots, I traded my schoolbooks for a typewriter and made Hollywood my home. is where I make my services available as a freelancer.

My goal is to deliver unique words and ideas to help each client achieve the desired effect.

It all starts by understanding your vision. When your ideas have become my own, I transform them into words. It’s that simple.

When it comes to business, there is nothing as important to me as word-of-mouth advertising. That starts with a satisfied customer! Each project I undertake is guaranteed 100% to exceed your expectations or your money back.

When I am not working, I try to be the best husband and father I can be.


Thank you for stopping by,

Matt Baker


Here’s a list of services I provide:

Website content, ghostwriting, website copywriting, guest blogging, social media posts, facebook posts, tweets, yelp reviews, speech writing, eulogies, articles, columns, op-ed pieces, reviews, critiques, reporting, interviews, fact-checking, biographies, profiles, slogans, taglines, keywords, screenplays, screenplay coverage and synopses, script consulting, name consultant, product naming, business naming, title ideas, domain names ideas, premium domain sales and creative consulting.