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There is a lot more behind a great domain that meets the eye. Just think of Google and, one is used by everyone and the other not so much. Yet spells out what it is and Google doesn’t. Obviously, the key is the service behind the name and not the name itself. Yet, your web address is an extremely important aspect of your brand.

obyka offers the opportunity to consult with an expert to find the perfect domain for you. First and foremost a domain has to be easy to remember. A distant second is how relevant is the name. Surely does not spell out online marketplace just like does not mean online auction house.

The key rests in the ability to stretch the imagination beyond the obvious. If you enlist my services I guarantee I will help you find an available domain for purchase that will enhance your brand. You will be able to purchase the domain from services such as or similar for as low as $1.99.

obyka also offers premium domains for sale. To find out what is currently available for sale, send me a message.

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