website content ghostwriting freelance writing Los Angeles website copywriting blogging social media facebook posts tweets yelp reviews seo speech writing eulogies articles news columns op-ed pieces reviews critiques reporting interviews fact-checking biographies profiles slogans taglines keywords screenplays coverage synopses name consultant product naming business naming title ideas domain names ideas premium domain sales creative consulting directingWhat is your policy concerning rates?

Rates are agreed upon before the start of a project and do not change unless the client requests additional services and agrees to purchase additional products.

When do I make a payment?

Once you’ve agreed on the rate, I will email you an invoice. As soon as payment has been made I will get to work.

How do I pay?

You can pay using all major credit cards (American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa), using your PayPal account, via bank wire, or with Chase QuickPay.

Is my order protected?

You bet! 100% secured and guaranteed or your money back.

How long does it take to receive my content?

As little as 24 hours. Turnaround times vary depending on the scope of the project. If you have set a specific deadline while placing an order, content or services will be delivered to meet your deadline.

What if I need my content in less than 24 hours?

Depending on my availability, I may be able to accommodate your request. Please use the contact form to ask about rushed orders.

Can I send you additional information while my order is in progress?

Absolutely! My clients should feel free to take part in the creative process as much or as little as they see fit.

Can I give you specific keywords to appear in the content?

Yes. I will gladly incorporate keywords and tags to fit your needs.

Content delivery format?

I can deliver content as a text file or most document file formats.

Can you post content directly on my social media, blog, or website?

Yes. If you grant me access to your profiles or website, I can post the content directly there.

Do you post content on your own social media profiles?

I do not.

What is you revisions policy?

Unlimited and always free.

How long do I have to ask for a revision?

You have 3 days after content delivery to ask for a revision. Revisions are generally completed within 24 hours. Once you publish or approve the project you can no longer ask for revisions.

What if I need more time?

Please ask and I can extend your revision period to 7 days.

What happens after 7 days if I am still unsatisfied?

I will try very hard not to make that happen. If it does, I’ll be very sorry and will issue a complete refund.

How do I check for plagiarism?

Google ;-) or

Do I need to put a byline or can the content by ghostwritten?

You do not need to credit the author. Ghostwriting is available.

Are your ghostwriting and consulting services confidential?


Do you need to be credited for your work?

No, I do not.

Can I credit myself for it?

Yes, you can.

My project requires research. Can you help?

Yes. My pricing structure includes the time necessary to conduct research to create your content.

Do you revise content written by other companies?

Possibly. I will be happy to review the content and let you know if it can be revised or if it needs to be rewritten.

Who owns the copyright of the content I ordered?

In most cases, once you approve the order, you own the copyright of the content you purchased.

I need content for my website or blog but can’t come up with any ideas. Can you help?

Absolutely. I will be glad to review your publication and suggest a few topics that match your current content.